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    Our services include oral examinations and consultations, full and partial dentures, immediate dentures, dental implants, mouth guards, anti-snoring aids, laser therapy for sore gums, relining and rebasing of loose dentures, soft liners and teeth whitening.

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    Owned and operated by Lou Presutti, the West Hamilton Denture Clinic offers a full spectrum of services for its clients.

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    • Clients always feel welcome at West Hamilton Denture Clinic

      There are plenty of good reasons to explain why the clients at West Hamilton Denture Clinic come back again and again. Among them is that they know their needs and concerns will be addressed quickly and without question by the clinic’s staff, who are dedicated to helping clients smile confidently again. In fact, all one […]

    • Giving you the Confidence to Smile

      West Hamilton Denture Clinic gives you the confidence to smile again.  With the skill and dedication of owner LouPresutti DD, each client’s dentures are designed to accommodate function, form, fit and feel with the end goal, comfort. Throughout his more than 20 years in business,Lou Presutti DD, has developed a solid reputation for his passion […]