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Giving you the Confidence to Smile

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West Hamilton Denture Clinic gives you the confidence to smile again. 

With the skill and dedication of owner LouPresutti DD, each client’s dentures are designed to
accommodate function, form, fit and feel with the end goal, comfort.

Throughout his more than 20 years in business,Lou Presutti DD, has developed a solid reputation for his passion in guiding clients through the process of crafting dentures. Lou Presutti DD and his highly trained team are constantly updating and upgrading their techniques, materials and equipment. This ensures we are providing the best services and dentures available to you.

West Hamilton Denture Clinic has a state of-the-art
lab so dentures do not have to be sent offsite, eliminating lengthy wait times. Here at West Hamilton Denture Clinic we know that every mouth is different and because of that, we insist on sitting down with you to discuss your wants and needs for your dentures before making any promises.

Fitting of dentures is accomplished over a series of appointments designed to cover overall oral health, impressions, bite registration and insertion. Once you are on your way, it’s important to adhere to a schedule of follow-up maintenance and annual check-ups. Dentures should last between five and seven years, but just like natural teeth, dentures will wear and stain, and they will require adjustment, even repairs over time. Regardless of how well your dentures fit, damage to the oral tissues can occur without you even being aware of it.

As a denturist, Lou Presutti DD is trained to detect any abnormalities or conditions in your mouth that may influence how your dentures fit. Lou Presutti DD believes early detection of any oral issues is imperative to your overall oral health. There are measures you can take to keep gums healthy at home. Follow these simple, basic steps: whenever you take out your dentures, rinse your mouth and massage your gums with a soft toothbrush. If you have partial dentures, you still need to properly brush and floss your natural teeth daily.

Dentures must be cleaned regularly as they are subjected to daily abuse from eating and drinking – stains, tarter and bacteria can build up easily. Brush your dentures with a firm bristled brush specially designed for dentures. Relining dentures can become necessary when the mouth and gums change shape naturally due to aging, or other factors such as weight loss, illness or tooth loss. Lou Presutti DD can help determine which relining is best for you. Cracked or broken dentures should be repaired quickly because they can affect your gums, ability to chew and of course, your confidence. At West Hamilton Clinic, repairs are done in-house with proper denture materials and bonding agents.

If you are experiencing pain or difficulty chewing, loose dentures or cracked or broken dentures, you should make an appointment with Lou Presutti DD immediately to discuss options. Along with all services related to full and partial dentures,West Hamilton Denture Clinic offers personal one on one consultations. As a proud member of the Denturist Association of Ontario, the West Hamilton Denture Clinic can
give you your smile back. To book your appointment or consultation, call 905-522-7133. Visit, email or you can also find them on Facebook