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As a first time denture wearer, what should I expect?

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The West Hamilton Denture Clinic, conveniently located at 17 Paradise Road South in Hamilton offers a full spectrum of services to help clients smile confidently again, regardless of their age.We invest a lot of time and money into looking and feeling younger. The stigma that dentures only become a necessity inlife as we get older isn’t true –you may have lost a tooth or
several teeth during an accident or due to a sports injury.

Whether you need immediate dentures, removable partials, full dentures or dentures on implants, Lou Presutti DD at The West Hamilton Denture Clinic ensures all clients regain their confidence to smile no matter how old they are.

If you’re considering dentures, you may be overwhelmed by the options available to you. Here’s what you can expect as a first time denture wearer. Book a consultation This appointment is to
ensure you’re provided with all the information you need to choose the dentures that best suit your lifestyle. The goal is to combine aesthetics, comfort, fit and function to
allow your smile to look more natural while enabling you to enjoy life as it should be.

How long does it take to get new dentures?

It takes approximately five to six appointments to complete your dentures. Th advantage that West Hamilton Denture Clinic offers clients is that everything is done on site. Your personalized
dentures are created using only premium materials and precision techniques, in our in-house lab. This is done by referencing a photo of your previous smile or you can choose the colour, shape and size of your new smile. This takes away the waiting time for transportation and delivery from an outside lab.

Will it take time to get used to my new dentures?

Yes. Remember that dentures are an artificial substitute for your natural teeth. They may feel foreign at first, but you’ll quickly adapt. If there are any adjustments needed to ensureoptimal comfort and fit, these can easily be done by Lou Presutti DD. Annual checkup’s give Lou Presutti DD the opportunity to check in with patients and examine any oral changes.

As a proud member of the Denturist Association of Ontario, Lou Presutti DD the owner of The West Hamilton Denture Clinic can give you the confidence to smile again.

To book your consultation or appointment call 905-522-7133. No Referrals Needed.